Hi, I’m Ben.

I tell stories that drive organic traffic, close sales, and position your brand above the competition.

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Why You Need A Copywriter

While writing something that sounds nice can be simple, writing something that leads to sales is an art of its own. You’re competing with other companies and other forms of media for your audience’s precious attention.


Why You Need A Ghostwriter

Hiring a ghostwriter sounds like something for the rich and powerful, but a ghostwriter can be a great asset to businesses of all sizes. Ghostwriters don’t just write novels or speeches -- they can play a variety of roles

  • Position your brand above the competition.

  • About Me

    I was the kid who went to the library every day after school, took out two books, and read both of them in one sitting, forgetting to eat or drink.

    But it was only two decades later, after I started getting millions of views on the stories I wrote on Quora, that I thought, “There might just be something here.”

    Long story short, I discovered that I love working with founders and executives like you to get their story out using a process that’s not only insightful and fun but also drives impressive results.

    Fun fact: I’ve lived in 5 continents, speak multiple languages, and find human beings fascinating.

  • My Process


    We hope on a call and dive deep into your goals. I’ll let you know what I need you to send me and conduct my own research about you and your brand separately.


    I send you a detailed proposal that covers everything from the high level aims to specific deliverables and their cadence.

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    You receive the deliverables on schedule, put them to work, and enjoy the results

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